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Colors shown are approximate and are for reference only. 
Other colors are available for a fee of $25.00. Primrose Yellow
PMS 106 Lemon Yellow
PMS Yellow Lt. Gold
PMS 123 Gold
PMS 1235 Vegas Gold
PMS 617 Old Gold
PMS 111 Lt. Orange
PMS 151 Dolphin Orange
PMS 021 Clockwork Orange
PMS 173 Texas Orange
PMS 174 Red 032
PMS 032 Scarlet Red
PMS 485 National Red
PMS 187 Maroon
PMS 209 Baby Pink
PMS 203 Panther Pink
PMS 211 Brandywine
PMS 234 Purple
PMS 2665 266 Purple
PMS 266 Russell Purple
PMS 273 Mint Green
PMS 3375 Blacklight Green
PMS 375 Lime Green
PMS 361 Dallas Green
PMS 348 Kelly Green
PMS 3425 Chrome Green
PMS 343 Baby Blue
PMS 290 Carolina Blue
PMS 278 Columbia Blue
PMS 284 Contact Blue
PMS 2995 Turquoise
PMS 3115 Aqua
PMS 322 Super Marine Blue
PMS 2728 Reflex Blue
PMS Reflex Blue Royal Blue
PMS 287 Deacon Blue
PMS 280 Navy Blue
PMS 282 Cream
PMS 7401 Rebel Flesh
PMS 155 Khaki
PMS 467 Lt. Brown
PMS 4645 Spice Brown
PMS 4635 Dark Brown
PMS 476 Lt. Cool Gray
PMS 428 Med. Cool Gray
PMS 430 431 Gray
PMS 431 Dark Cool Gray
PMS 432 Fluor. Yellow Fluor. Orange Fluor. Red Fluor. Pink Fluor. Blue Fluor. Purple Fluor. Green Fluor. Magenta Process Cyan Process Magenta Process Yellow Black White Silver Gel Gold Shimmer Copper Shimmer Blue Shimmer Red Shimmer Green Shimmer Black Shimmer Silver Glitter Gold Glitter Red Glitter Blue Glitter Green Glitter Pink Glitter Crystallina Glow-In-Dark Grey Reflective Ink Colors. Specialty Ink Colors.